Small Acts of Kindness

Small Acts of Kindness

Recently, the word “kindness” has been on my mind. This word seems like such a simple word that we effortlessly use to describe a nice person or an act done out of love. Kindness is actually so much more. Not only does kindness benefit the recipient but it also benefits the giver in return. In terms of kindness, I truly believe that “what goes around, comes around.” Although I can’t say that I have always acted out of kindness, I can say that when I did choose to, things always worked out for the better.

Whether it’s paying for a strangers’ meal in the drive thru line or helping an elderly woman carry her groceries to the car, there are so many simple ways to show kindness in your everyday life. While some of these acts of kindness require a bit more effort and time, others are shown through a simple smile. Each act has it’s own effect and sometimes the simplest thing can make someone’s day one hundred times better.

Kindness is something that requires minimum effort but has a lasting impact. Although I can’t quite recall every kind thing every person has done for me, there are many instances that I can. For example, when I was in high school, I was on my way to class when my tire went flat. I was already running late, of course, and wasn’t sure what to do so I called my dad. He was busy with work but headed to where we were as quickly as possible. During this time, an elderly man across the road was working out in his yard. He was very kind and told us we could park in his driveway so we would be out of traffic. He then began gathering tools from his shop and placing the spare tire on my vehicle. When my parents arrived, his wife invited us in for coffee and in no time these strangers became our friends. After everything was fixed, we thanked them and all went our separate ways. I believe it’s simple things like this that display what kindness really is. These people weren’t doing it for the recognition but simply because it was a way in which they could be a help. A month or so later, I made a chocolate pie and my sisters and I went to deliver it and pay them a short visit. They were very appreciative as I was the day they helped me. For the remainder of high school, I didn’t pass their house without thinking of the kind act this elderly couple did for both me and my family.

Anyways, I said all of that to say this. In whatever way you can, show kindness to someone because you never know what impact you could have on their life. So today I challenge you to give someone flowers, pay for someone’s lunch, carry out someone’s groceries, or just give someone words of encouragement. You will be amazed at what will happen when you begin implementing kindness a little at a time.


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